The Agent for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop(WVD), RDS and Citrix sites gives you a deep analytic dive into your worker's performance states

This agent and Microsoft Azure Monitor enable you to analyze performance, sizing and user experience deeply, at each time frame in the past and for the lowest expenses.

Use the power of Azure Monitor with this agent for your Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), RDS and Citrix Worker – servers and desktops. You don’t need an SQL server for monitoring data nor additional infrastructure. Collected data are analyzed and shown in your Azure workspace.

Data collection

Data are collected from each Microsoft RDS and Citrix worker – each minute. Works for worker on-premises as well as in Azure.

One single agent

Deploy this single agent to your worker. You don't need any other infrastructure components. All relevant data are sent to your workspace.

Big-data and dashboards

Azure Monitor comes scalable, durable, highly available and as a service. You don't need a complex big data infrastructure on-premises.

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See the ready to use dashboards and views in action

A lot of tiles and views are ready to use. Note: You can add further views and edit the existing ones.

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Sessions

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Sessions

Gives you all information about sessions. This includes e.g. bandwidth and latency for each single user and session on your site.

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Worker

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Worker

Gives you detailed information about performance data of the worker. For example: CPU usage, memory consumption, etc.

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Processes

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Processes

Data about each single process on all workers: Session information (user names), CPU usage, memory consumption, ...

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Sites and Applications

Microsoft RDS / Citrix Sites and Applications

Shows combined data focused on applications. Microsoft RDS / Citrix site wide usage of application, application crashes, capacity data for further plannings and more.

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