Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions and answers. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

What does the agent cost?

You can download the ITPC-LogAnalyticsAgent for free as "it is". Please see the installation guide for the prerequisites.

The agent doesn’t need any further infrastructure. You only need an Azure subscription and pay for the uploaded data (Azure pricing). That includes data storage and compute power for your analyzings. You can calculate 0.40$ per user in a "standard" Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) / RDS / Citrix environment (average user load: 25 users / server). There is also a free plan available for evaluating Azure Monitor / Log Analytics.

We offer the Azure Monitoring Agent for testing and community purposes without any warranty nor support for non-commercial use. Please test the monitoring solution. For commercial use we offer licenses, including premium features, updates, and support for building KUSTO queries. Visit sepago Shop for more information or get your special quote from

Are there differences in what is monitored based on Citrix or Microsoft?

Yes, but only a few. E.g. monitoring the logon duration for RDS will come with version Logon duration is now available only for XenApp.

Is this a full fledged monitoring solution?

This solution enables you to analyze performance, sizing and user experience deeply. It doesn't monitor your infrastructure around your RDS or Citrix worker – data base, file server, etc. Monitor your infrastructure with a classic monitoring solution.

Is this solution for RDS / Citrix sites in Azure only?

No. This solution helps you analyzing your RDS / Citrix sites on-premises, in Azure or both (hybrid). Note: It’s compatible with other clouds as well.

Do I need System Center licenses?

No. You only must pay for your upload to Azure Monitor / Log Analytics.

How long is the data retention time?

You can configure the data retention up to 24 months. Check the additional costs to keep data longer than one month (March 2017: 0.10 $/Gbyte per month – app. 0.02 $/Gbyte per user).

How long I must pay for Azure Monitor / Log Analytics?

You pay only for the uploaded data and data stored longer than one month. You can stop data upload immediately to stop the costs.

Is there a free way to test Azure Monitor / Log Analytics?

Yes. You can start with the free plan. This plan is limited to 500 Mbyte upload/day and a data retention of 7 days (March 2017).

Can I stop data upload to Azure immediately without uninstalling the agent?

Yes. Change your secret key in Azure Log Analytics. No more data can then be uploaded.

How can I uninstall the agent?

Stop and delete the scheduled tasks on your worker and delete the program folder.

Can I combine the agent with other solutions offered for Azure Monitor?

Yes, for sure.

Can I send data from different RDS or Citrix sites into one workspace?

This is technically possible. It’s recommended to use one workspace per RDS/Citrix site. (You don’t pay for the count of workspaces.)

Can I add or modify the delivered views?

Yes. The views are completely editable and you can create complete new views. For example: Show session information separated for different delivery groups.

What if I get some errors while I’m importing the views?

This can happen if the data from the agents are not ready in Azure Monitor / Log Analytics. After the first time you sent data to Log Analytics it takes some time (up to hours) to build the data scheme. If the data scheme is built, all data will be visible in Log Analytics very fast (<2 minutes).

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