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I privately started up this project in 2018 to give a clear added value to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), RDS as well as to Citrix Sites. From my perspective, it fills a gap because there is no solution focused on user experiences by Microsoft now. Even with System Center Operation Manager process performance, bandwidth, latency, logons, etc. are not analyzed and treated. This project makes monitoring and analytics serverless (no additional license, backup and administration for SQL server, etc.) possible.

Please feel free to use this Agent and Azure Monitor / Log Analytics for your analytics and monitoring of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) / RDS / Citrix Sites on-premises, in a cloud or hybrid for non-commercial use. Use it as "it is". If you have questions, write me an email or contact sepago GmbH for professional services and commercial licenses.

We offer the Azure Monitoring Agent for testing and community purposes without any warranty nor support for non-commercial use. Please test the monitoring solution. For commercial use we offer licenses, including premium features, updates, and support for building KUSTO queries. Visit sepago Shop for more information or get your special quote from sales@sepago.de.

About me - Marcel Meurer

I work for an IT consulting company in Cologne, Germany. In my role as a division manager I’m responsible for the consulting business. In this role, I also work directly with customers and vendors to build solutions. sepago GmbH with its three sites in Cologne, Hamburg and Munich is specialized and focused on the business areas Cloud solutions, Network and mobility, Data Center and Modern workplace client. The main partners are Microsoft and Citrix.

I’m really happy to be awarded as a Microsoft MVP for Azure since 2016.

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