Download the latest version - The zip file includes the binaries and the predefined views for RDS and Citrix.

Costs / Spendings

You can download the ITPC-LogAnalyticsAgent for free as "it is". Please see the installation guide for the prerequisites.

The agent doesn’t need any further infrastructure. You only need an Azure subscription and pay for the uploaded data (Azure pricing). That includes data storage and compute power for your analyzings. You can calculate 0.40$ per user in a "standard" RDS/XenApp environment (average user load: 25 users / server). There is also a free plan available for evaluating Azure Log Analytics.


You can use the agent in your environments as "it is" without any warranty or liability. If you have questions, write me an email or contact sepago GmbH for professional services.


  • Fix: Winstation names are changed in windows virtual desktop: Added support to match with performance data
  • Update to determine Windows Virtual Desktop tenant and host pool name
  • Update to determine vm types if running in Azure
    • The agent sends the vm type and region at every start to Log Analytics (type: ITPC_CTX_Worker_CL)
    • This helps to calculate a per user using of vms in minutes. Espesially if you provide high perfomance or GPU vms.
  • Update to determine crashed applications
    • Determining crashed application will now works without Microsoft crash reporting
    • Count of crashed application fixed (sometimes old crashes are counted as new)
  • First one released to public
    • Adds logon duration monitoring for XenApp worker
    • Change in views: Displays unique users in a given time frame

Any questions? Go to the FAQ!